Oh to be a man Let me step into your shoes, these shoes so big I lose my balance.
I am fighting for composure, the pressure to provide, to lead, initiate, and just be.
To be the example, the strong, the lead
Do I try, do I risk, do I attempt what I hardly think is possible?

Would I even make the cut? 
And then leading... leading someone else... and not just anyone: a woman

A woman:
An ever-changing sea of emotions,
A bottomless Pandora's box of unexpected reactions,
A sensitive flower and a furious beast,
A helpmate and problem creator,
... my sister, my best friend, and God's daughter.

And then, just then, I fall over, my white flag is up.

Thank you for being my brother. Thank you for being strong and persevering. Thank you for being my leaders and even getting up after failing and trying again. Thank you for reaching out for God. Thank you for serving us women. Thank you for doing your best to provide, to help, to respect our hearts and our needs. Thank you for striving for more of God and propelling me forward. Thank you for teaching me about grace and helping me to laugh. Thank you for trying and living the best way you know how. And thank you for just being here. It doesn't matter how many times you've failed or messed up or have made one of us upset, the fact that you're here reassures me that I'm safe and that God's real. And thank you for that, thank you for everything, and for all the times we've forgotten to say it: Thank you!

--Your Sisters in Christ